Security Guard Services offered with Armed Guards and Unarmed Guards from a Professional & Experienced Security Company in Boca Raton, Davie, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood FL, Miami Beach, Miami Dade, Pembroke Pines, Sunrise FL and other Florida Areas

We determine actual need.

Millennium Protection Services is one of the most competent security service providers in South Florida, having started operations over 25 years ago, and today providing a wide range of security and security logistics solutions to the meet the needs of our customers. Millennium Protection offers varied security solutions and packages based on actual need assessment – a great tool to ensure client satisfaction.

We’re experienced and knowledgeable.

Guard services are the most basic and integral security need of any industry, and our insistence that emergency security situations only happen to other people can sometimes prevent us from considering fully and clearly our security concerns. A proactive security agency with a plan and proven record of success can make the difference between being prepared for a security emergency and simply responding to one.

Peace of mind from following a plan.

Millennium Protection Services can act as a custodian for your wishes in an emergency, safeguarding your assets and other property based on your pre-set parameters. Armed with recognition, modern methodology and training, and the latest high-tech devices, Millennium Protection Services can give you peace of mind as we lead you into a more secure future.

We conduct thorough background checks.

Millennium Protection Services provides fully screened security guard personnel to maintain secure environments for commercial and residential property. Our guard services are provided by highly trained professionals to provide the maximum protection for your workers, your property, and your other assets. Our extensive and on-going training involves both theoretical and practical training courses, including security planning, security practices, laws and regulations, first aid, fire prevention, and even public decorum.

We are trained and ready.

Millennium Protection Services is trained and prepared to politely handle and diffuse delicate situations while proactively protecting client policy and interests. All security guards are closely supervised and trained, and can provide logs and incident reports to keep you apprised of what’s happening on your property. We think we have the best staff in the industry, and we’re proud to put them in the field to protect you. Contact Millennium Protection Services today for a free, professional consultation on your security needs.

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